Mapping Kits MAP-it European Quarter

Kit by: Thomas Laureyssens
Icons by: Thomas Laureyssens

The European district in Brussels has seen over 20 years of major upheavals and restructuring projects. At the same time it has witnessed a new generation of people and buildings: estate speculators, European trainees, satellite offices, shops trying to adapt to the new situation.
When the institutional planning redraws the city with the bulldozer, what happens with the inhabitants of the neighbourhood? How do they find again their home, and (re)inspire their imagination?

CityMine(d) together with artist and researcher Thomas Laureyssens and the committees of neighbourhoods GAQ and AQL, supported by Bral and IEB, propose a collaborative mapping exercise on the European Quarter.

The workshops are organized using MAP-it: A low-tech tool to plan, analyze and reconstruct past and future projects by creating open and flexible visualization of a process in space and time.

This mapping kit allows you to analyse an urban space and come up with small initiatives to tackle the urban issues of that space.

Approximate total time required for this mapping: 170 minutes
Mapping sheet(s) used for the design of this kit: MAP-it Sheet C
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